Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Héroes del Silencio - Parasiempre

Descripcion: Disco doble en vivo que sacaron los Heroes del Silencio antes de separarse, fueron grabaciones de la gira del album "Avalancha" si no me equivoco, tocan canciones de todos sus albums LP y vale recalcar que el sonido que emite HdS en vivo es impecable y muy bueno, bastante recomendable si te gustaron los albums en estudio.
English Description: Live double album by HdS released before they disbanded, these recordings were made from the "Avalancha" album tour if I'm not mistaken, this live album features songs from every single studio LP album that they recorded, and you will hear that they sound excellent live, highly recommendable if you enjoy their studio albums.
Año del release / Release Year: 1996.
Tracklist: CD 01 / CD 02.
Scans: Si, 8 scans incluyendo cover, libro, CD y parte trasera, 600 dpi, formato jpg. / Yes, 8 scans including cover, booklet, CD and back, 600 dpi, jpg format.
Codec: FLAC nivel/level 8.
Otras cosas / Other stuff: Log de ripeo y archivo CUE. / Ripping log and CUE file.
Links de Descarga:
CD 01 Part 1 (100 MB)
CD 01 Part 2 (100 MB)
CD 01 Part 3 (100 MB)
CD 01 Part 4 (61 MB)

CD 02 Part 1 (100 MB)
CD 02 Part 2 (100 MB)
CD 02 Part 3 (100 MB)
CD 02 Part 4 (55 MB)

Scans (102 MB)

Password: losslessrock.blogspot.com

Notas / Notes: Mas gracias especiales a Pelucho, quien ripeo y subio esto en ape originalmente. / Special thanks to Pelucho again, who ripped and uploaded this originally in APE format.


Serge said...

Thanks for music, it's great! But how can I make original APE image (and then wav) from yours separate flac tracks?

hadex said...

It's kind of easy, you'll have to decompress the wavs from the flac archives, then join all the wavs in order manually with a sound editor program (like adobe's audition or something similar), and then encode the wav to ape, but if you want the wav only, skip the ape thing I've said :P.
And if you wanna make it simple, just download the album in ape format from the "Sangre Española" forums (whose link is on the right of the main page :P).

serge said...

Ок, Many thanks! Héroes del Silencio is excellent spanish band. I wish to buy their albums later. :)

M... said...

Fantastic concert, recording un the tour of 1996. Sólo superado por la gira del 2007. Ten concerts all over the world, and incredible show final in Valencia, more of 80.000 peoples.